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Angel Bear
Darling little bear cub! White with wings, 3.5 inches, embroidered gold ribbon on its chest, gold cord attached for use as hanging decoration, gold ribbon hangtag.

Price: 4.95


Description: Brown Childhood Cancer Awareness Bear
Brown bear with a white t-shirt that says Gold Ribbons for Childhood Cancer Awareness (with logo).  The Bear is 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  It is soft like a Beanie Baby and can stand or sit.

Gold Ribbon Bear
Qty: Price: $6.95



Address Mailing Labels

Address Mailing Labels

Qty: Price: $2.50

Optional Label Style:

City, State, Zip:
Optional Text:



Gold Ribbon Ornament

Custom Medallion Ornament

These metal medallions make a unique and special momento to honor your children, friends, families and caregivers. Personalization is included in the price

You must order 10 ornaments at a time however ask about the possibility of having different text on each ornament.  Get together with friends and family to compile an order of 10 or give them as gifts to hospital staff, family or friends.

Great gifts for the holidays or a special occasion.

NOTE: Medallions are ordered and are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer to you.

Price: $6.95

Text on Top of Circle:
Text on Bottom of Circle:

Assorted Greeting Cards





Gorgeous greeting cards (6.25" x 4.5") featuring six original drawings and the gold ribbon hidden in each one. Printed on highest quality cardstock, the cards are blank inside with a bit of background information on the symbolism in the drawings on the back. Useful for different occasions, the cards will elegantly show your caring sentiments. One of each card/envelope in  a set of 6: $8.95.

The back of the cards have individual text for each card: 

Sunflower: Happiness: The sunflower conjures the sun- the principal symbol of life and joy.  The poppy is a bright emblem of imagination and pleasure. Wildflowers are lighthearted and free.

Dove:Goodwill:  The dove symbolizes peace to many cultures.  To Hindus, the dove represents freedom of the spirit and in ancient Greece, it meant love.  Christianity shows the dove with an olive branch signifying peace.  The dove carries berries and leaves to express universal goodwill.

Autumn: Hope:  Autumn is the season of preparation for renewal and rebirth.  The Celts believed the acorn was the essences of life and immortality.  The dandelion represents faithfulness and happiness; its puffball (or dandelion seeds) clown into the wind by nature and countless children, spread new life and wishes for the future.

Butterfly: Circle of Life:  Butterflies go through several life stages by live briefly, serving as a poignant metaphor for life, death and rebirth.  The Butterflies shown here are the California Sister (dark one) and the Great Spangled Fritillary (the orange and black one)

Balloons:Celebration:  Balloons and confetti released into the air and thrown about show the liberation of the soul and feeling of triumph.

Angel: Comfort: Angels have existed as a divine messenger in the beliefs of many cultures: the ancient Samarians, Babylonians, Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans. In Christianity, they serve as protectors and guides to humans through all life's challenges and beyond.

Description: Greeting Cards (six cards and envelopes gift wrapped)
Price: 8.95



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